If you have an Android phone or Tablet like an Amazon Kindle, you or someone in your home may have downloaded this popular Google game which was used to bring in Malware to your device.  Read below this article from "The Hacker News" when and how they did it, and how to protect yourself in the future.

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" Thursday, June 08, 2017  


"A new Android-rooting malware with an ability to disable device’ security settings in an effort to perform malicious tasks in the background has been detected on the official Play Store.

What's interesting? The app was smart enough to fool Google security mechanism by first pretending itself to be a clean app and then temporarily replacing it with a malicious version.

Security researchers at Kaspersky Lab discovered a new piece of Android rooting malware that was being distributed as gaming apps on the Google Play Store, hiding behind puzzle game "colourblock," which was being downloaded at least 50,000 times prior to its removal.

Dubbed Dvmap, the Android rooting malware disables device's security settings to install another malicious app from a third-party source and also injects malicious code into the device system runtime libraries to gain root access and stay persistent.

"To bypass Google Play Store security checks, the malware creators used a very interesting method: they uploaded a clean app to the store at the end of March, 2017, and would then update it with a malicious version for short period of time," the researchers said. "Usually they would upload a clean version back on Google Play the very same day. They did this at least 5 times between 18 April and 15 May."

Here's How Dvmap Malware Works ...  "

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